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Online Retreat

From the comfort of your home

Meditation, Yoga,  Fasting 

Healing ~ Retreats

Holistic Soul-Based Community Online
Join comfortably from anywhere in the world!
One Family ~One Tribe 


AMAZING  RETREATS for growth and healing


During these times, an online retreat is a great alternative!

Gather for a beautiful, supportive online retreat.

Dates to be announced.

Hosted With Love by Angel Amita- Team

Benefits of joining an online retreat: 

1. Creating a sacred, private space at home. Learn & grow from the safety of your home temple! Relax in your own energy.
2. Easier transition back home. 
3. The comforts of home offers you more comfort in the sense that you’ll be participating from the coziness of your own home.
4. No travel!
5. Saves money ~  online retreat is the most budget-friendly yoga holiday you can find, as you don’t need to pay for transportation, meals or accommodation.
6. Saves time

no buying flights, traveling to the airport, less planning…


Joining an online retreat is also a good alternative for busy people; if you choose to, you don’t need to fully disconnect from your daily life in order to attend the retreat.

Since you can access from any device, either a smartphone, tablet, computer or smart TV, you won’t have any troubles following the live yoga and meditation sessions, as well as the online group sessions. In a few words, you’re one click (or tap) away from the instructors and the rest of the participants.

The best part of an online yoga retreat is that you’ll get all the benefits as if you were on an in-person holiday. You’ll be able to calm your mind, release tension, improve your flexibility, strengthen your muscles and learn meditation techniques, just to mention a few. 

Plus, if you consider the fact that you won’t need to spend a single minute traveling to another place, making flight reservations and having to be full-time present somewhere else, an online yoga retreat is definitely a win-win situation for those who have a tight schedule.

How does an online retreat happen? 

An online  retreat takes place through live video sessions, held on video conferencing platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, Facetime or any other. The teachers will let you know what platform you’ll be using.

You will receive instructions and we will have several meetings

Every virtual program offers different ways to interact with your teachers and other participants. It can be via live yoga/meditation sessions, one-on-one coaching sessions, online group sessions or WhatsApp group chats. Some programs also include pre-recorded training videos and reading materials that you can access anytime.

How to prepare for an online retreat?

 Choose a space in your house that you like, make sure it gets soft and natural light during the day.
Pick simple furniture, like a cushion, a chair or a couch where it’s comfortable to sit. Remember that a Zen design is all about organic colors, fresh scents and green plants.
It’s very important for the room to be clean and uncluttered, it means to keep only the essentials and add the minimum of decorations and ornaments.
stay beautiful mountain or sea cottage for your retreat
prepare and set up a nice space…. flowers, crystals, clean the space, be comfortable…
A definite: take time off from work
A good social media break
Have all available that you will need so you can avoid going out
Announce to friends & family that you will be unavailable till the retreat is over
Have someone look after your kids

This is important! 

It is time to:

  • Free yourself… from stress, pressures, old ways…
  • Take time off from daily life and duties and focus on your soul’s journey
  • Be inspired to have a regular meditation practice
  • Go within & strengthen your meditation practice
  • Receive amazing, holistic tools, empower ourselves, go deeper into our hearts and souls

    And know that:
  • You deserve to treat yourself and have time for yourself…
  • To grow and focus on our souls, we are here to heal, learn & growth
  • To feel inspired,  energized
  • To find inner peace and strength

Let us remember:

  • The external world is ever-changing. The inner world is real… and through your heart,  you can connect with wisdom, love and truth…
  • The Divine Consciousness in All That Is – Is Real