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OUR TEAM ~ is Growing

It is time to honour your soul ~just like the body needs rest, exercise and nourishment, so does the soul!
The City Of Light of Machu Picchu is awaiting you. Follow your heart’s calling!
We are hosting with the highest intentions, respect & love for creation!
We are really looking forward to receiving you and sharing sacred journeys together.


Host & Founder
Angel Amita is an old soul, born in Norway, residing in Peru many years.

She started hosting holistic retreats in 2014, after clear guidance.  She has an active energy-healing practice with clients from around the world. And she works as a volunteer for projects for Balancing Mother Nature.

Honoured and excited to bring love and healing to the human collective and help make this world and better place;  Angel Amita is grateful to support souls connect to their hearts. She is strongly connected to Mother Nature and ancient sacred sites, especially Machu Picchu & Mount Shasta. She knows that each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world in change, in order to anchor in the new blueprints, raise the vibration, and to bring their unique light to the human collective 

Yoga & Meditation
Amita has meditated for 27 years twice daily and practised yoga for even longer. She is a 200 h  experienced Yoga Teacher,  kids and pregnancy yoga teacher, and an experienced Meditation Guide and channel.  Yoga and meditation are very important tools which help heal the world!
Veganism & Prana
She was a vegetarian since she was 16, thereafter vegan till now, years and since July 2017, her body naturally transformed to be able to live on energetic nourishment (prana). The yogic principle of AHIMSA- harmlessness to all life is supported.
Angel Amita has an active healing practice receiving people from around the world. It is an important part of her soul purpose to help people heal & empower themselves and connect with their hearts & souls, and return to wholeness. She is also a Homeopathic Doctor offering classical homoeopathy. Very blessed to offer these modalities and love to the human collective. 

Spiritual Guide- Ascension Guide
Angel is a sensitive psychic empath and strongly connected to Mother Nature, Ascended Masters, Mother Amma, the sacred mountains – ancient sites and the light realm. She often receives direct guidance being a channel for higher consciousnesses. Guidance & meditation exercises come to support All. 
Being an earth angel ~ passionate about raising consciousness to support humanity and the earth in their ascension process.  She also has a strong connection to ancient Lemuria, and supports anchoring in the New Earth frequencies.
With many years of experience hosting sacred ceremonies, healing ceremonies, and ceremonies for the earth for people from around the world she is looking forward to welcoming you!
Amita has a strong connection to help reunite soul family.
She is an experienced Devotee and tour traveler with Amma and the yoga tradition of Ananda Margas since she was a teenager.

Evolution happens fast and new modalities and services will be added with time.
 Lokah Samastha Sukinoh Bhavantu
May all beings in all worlds be happy and at peace

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Ray Maor – world known Pranic Teacher, International School Of Temple Arts – she organized and supported to host their retreats in Peru.


Founder of the charity Mother Earth in Norway,  2014

Why heal..

When we heal and let go of the past, we bring in more light to the human collective. When we meditate, connect to our hearts and find peace and strength and connect to the natural world; we support the human collective raise the vibration.  You are more important and powerful that you may think and each action and thought is important.  We are the changed needed. It’s time to reconnect to our power and soul mission. Return to wholeness within.

Lemurian connection

After a powerful and profound stay in the first earth chakra in Mount Shasta in California in 2013, reconnecting with the values of ancient Lemuria, the Heart of Love and Compassion for all creation, she got  was strongly guided to arrange retreats in  the city of light of Machu Picchu.  This way to help people connect to their hearts, souls and nature sharing wisdom, love and using skills and education she has accumulated for years. She has since 2014 arranged retreats in Peru. The inner city of Telos is located in Mount Shasta.
Om Shanti Shanti Om
Anselma, Abel, Juan Carlos, Alexia and Juan Carlos
Beautiful Indigenous Aymara family . We have worked with this beautiful family for many years. They welcome us with warm hearts and traditional hospitality and big smiles
It is an experience for life to visit the island  and experience a family stay

We also stay with other native beautiful and kind families and make sure you have an authentic experience!

Our main indigenous guide in his area is Maria Castillo. She is a beautiful being, grown up in Puno with much experience and is a warm hearted person who likes to connect with people from around the world.
Augustin Mamani Palomino ~ Professional Tour Guide

Augustin has been working as a tourist guide for 20 years and is fully licensed and qualified.

He has met people from all over the planet and speaks English, Spanish, Italian , and Quechua.

He was born in the Cusco area. When guiding, he likes to make people feel at home.

He likes to share the ancient and current cultures of the area and gets excited to see how people are astonished.



Patricia Alca Eguiluz ~ Professional Tour Guide

Patricia comes from Cusco, located in the heart of the Peruvian highlands, she has grown up in a magical place where the spirits speaks clearly with the indigenous people and where the connection with the elements of nature is strong. She has learned from the wise indigenous men who taught her the respect for Mother Nature, “ Pachamama” being the cosmic mother. The special connection between nature and man. Patricia works as a tour guide which for her is important because in that work she can transmit the indigenous knowledge. As the only way to preserve the tradition is by transmitting it, and also generate a major compromise with the environment and Mother Nature.

Rusbel Diaz : 
Native of Pisac, Sacred Valley
Beautiful soul born and living in the Pisac community of the Sacred Valley.
He shares tours in the Pisac ruins and nearby sitting with deep knowledge.
He is making native flutes and plays beautifully
Andy Velasco Astete
Cusco Native
Professional Tour Guide

With A Good Sense Of Humour and always a smile readily you may meet him during the visit

We are grateful to work with Andy 🙂



Marina Ivanez de Flores Volzhskiy
Marina is a Russian native who lives in Machu Picchu with her 3 children and Peruvian husband. You will meet her during the Machu Picchu Retreats where she provides delicious, vegan food & a loving, kind presence. She assists with various tasks

from Venezuela

Adriana from Cusco

& Others


Trustworthy, good drivers who you may meet:

Omar ( Lima )




Angel Ronaldo

& Others!

We are all looking forward to meeting you!

Thanks for listening to your souls guidance and doing the steps needed to support your journey back to wholeness and anchoring this in on earth………