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“Your inner work is the most important step you want to take at this time to accelerate your evolution and to open the way for your homecoming.” ~ Master Hilarion.

It is time to let go of the past!

Angel Amita  is an internationally qualified DNA 1 & DNA 2 Advanced Thetahealer with the Thetahealing Institute by founder Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her own personal journey back to health. Angel trained in Peru with Hetty Driessen years ago.
She has practiced this form of healing for some years on clients from around the world.
What is Thetahealing?
Thetahealing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing with focused prayer though Creator of All That Is. In sessions, we work through the theta brain wave state of the mind, and we have learned that spontaneous physical and emotional wellbeing happens. 
What does Thetahealing help for?
  • Changing & releasing old limiting beliefs whether unconscious or conscious  
  • Healing and releasing fears
  • Releasing old soul contracts
  • Relationship healing 
  • Healing & releasing old karma
  • Ancestral ~ family healing 
  • Changing & healing negative emotions
  • Clearing traumas from this life and past lives…
  • Healing addictions
  • Self love work
  • Clearing curses
  • Physical illness and infections
  • And much more!
Who is it for?
You may be of any age and have any religion/ spiritual background. It always happens with consent.
Thetahealing suits both people and animals.

Thetahealing is offered in person or via skype.

I will send you a recording of the session afterwards.
When the soul is ready, you will find the right healer… Your soul is ready to shine its light fully. 
You did not find this page randomly, you deserve to feel good & lighter!

Book a 1-2-1 with Angel Amita any time!

You can book here via Calendarly. Or you can contact me first to get your journey started.
Standard pricing for Theta Healing:
– 30 minutes: 45$ US
– 60 minutes: 88$ US
– 90 minutes: 122 US$ 
4 x 60 mins. Package offer with 10% discount. 313 US$ 
New clients offer:
~ 90 minutes: 90 USD
~ 60 minutes:  70 US$ 
~ 30 minutes: 40 US$
Clients with residency in Peru, first session:
– 30 minutes: 111 soles 
– 60 minutes: 222 soles 
Old clients & friends, contact me for a deal.  


I am looking forward to hearing from you and supporting you!
PS. I offer only certain times for sessions. I don’t do sessions early or late, because I want to be at my best, energetic and balanced.

How to prepare for a session?

Please make sure you will be alone, relaxed, and undisturbed. It is recommended to be at home or in a private place and leave other things aside for this time.
Be hydrated and have water available.
Before the session, please think about what you would like to heal and you may write a list.
We will appoint during the booking. It depends on where you are located. Please book a session with me first.
CASH or Bank
Exchange rates: 
Rebooking: Please rebook min. 48 hours before, and 24 hours only in unexpected circumstances.
For cancellations less than 24h before, there is a 25% fee of the session cost.


 Angel’s healing session was amazing!! 
Well for one I’ve been doing energy healing for a while and I am very choosy about who I work with so the fact that I even resonate with working with someone says a lot for me! 
Before the session I was sick with a fever for 3 days that ended when we agreed to do the session. Huge tension in my solar plexus released as Angel helped me cut the chords to certain people. 
I relaxed so much deeper into my being as she helped me repair my grounding chord. Issues I couldn’t access on my own around my heart and third eye cleared up. It was so powerful and quick and direct. And so so important there was no ego or personal bias distorting the message or adding any other information that was not necessary. Often this happens with healers and it can leave a bad subtle imprint. 
With Angel is was super clear, direct, and grounded. I’m immensely grateful this Angel came into my life she’s brought nothing but blessings!!

~ Dante Singh, USA

“I had both a spiritual healing and theta healing session with Angel and both were life changing experiences.
A big smile and inner peace was in my heart after every session with her. She helps me a lot and I am blessed to have met her and for sure will have more sessions with her.
Warmly recommend Angel who is a true angel, healer, spiritual guide .
Thank you and many blessings for you and your devoted work on Earth.”


~ Lana Pocekaj, Croatia/Norway

A story of ThetaHealing on an animal:

“Once a cat that fell down from the 6th floor in Machu Picchu, and was unconscious with pains and broken ribs , healed with thetahealing & spiritual healing with me, Angel!”