From September 2021:…

Hi all! It’s time to find a good balance between all the info we get and know. And actually being here creating the new instead of giving our power and energy to the sick plans. As that’s part of their agenda too. To create chaos & overwhelm, anger & frustration . So we can’t act. We loose our energy. And by the way ” all do not consent”. The greatest threats to them are: we say no, and never comply no matter their tricks we stand strong . Then instead of continuing to waste energy in any form focusing on their evil anti live ( life) agendas beyond words – WE CREATE THE NEW. TRUST THE OLD RULERS LOST. Be aware of how you spend your time each day



. 1. Make a list on what drains your energy – and lowers your vibe& make you feel overwhelmed and angry etc. – reduce gradually time & attention spent on that. 2. A list- what gives you energy, joy and increases my life force energy, clarity, vibe & well- being . Do more of that & share that with others. 3. Take time to be alone, in peace, “soul search”- to go deep within your soul: – why did you chose to incarnate at this time? – in which ways can YOUR soul make the world a better place & help the transition into a new earth. This can be anything – that supports the growth & the Higher Plan…. Anything you can offer that supports creating the new which will work in such a way that it’s stronger than their agenda, and supportd the collective higher timelines. In some way, giving energy to them- that nourishes them, so let’s be aware where we put our energy.. They don’t get nourished by the vibration of love. So focus on in which way you can increase the vibration of love in this world. ♥️♥️♥️ IT’S NOT RANDOM THAT WE’RE HERE. 4. Live in gratitude each day, connect to nature, meditate, sing, dance, do activities that nurtures your soul – and avoid handling stress with food, drugs etc. Take care of yourself, love yourself & your sacred temple . 5. Trust in the higher plan for humanity. Beyond all that’s being allowed on earth now- there is a Divine Plan & the Law of Karma. 6. Trust in your own soul, sovereignty, power & light. 7. Ground yourself daily. Such as connecting to the centre of the earth in meditation & visualisation ( I have some guided meditations for that ) , standing barefoot on the ground, hug trees, exercise, do yoga etc. 8. Open your heart to support of the various beings of light through various dimensions ( angels, ascended masters, earth devas, guardians, extraterrestrials, etc ) One may need to call upon them. They are not allowed to interfere with Free will. 9. Remember the earthly law of free will- nobody can force you to do things. That’s why they push so hard to coherence certain things. 10. Learn tools to release your negative emotions. Such as EFT, shamanic tools, thetahealing, boxing etc. So they don’t build up, create dis- ease & drain & block your life force energy & creativity. 11. Be active, do not expect anything or anyone to save you. Do your part. Then Divine Grace Will come & help you. Don’t think God alone will do all for you. It’s a co- operation. 12. . Serve the less fortunate. This is called seva or karma yoga. Serving from compassion, expecting nothing in return. You will clear own bad karma. An example- you pass by an authentic poor person on the road. It’s your karma to help- open your heart to give and do not hold back. Even if it can be hard. Imagine how far 10€ etc. Goes. You will receive more back than you give. 13. Keep your bodily temple strong & healthy. Be thankful & honor & respect it. 14. Surrender situations you can’t control despite trying. Detach & let go. 15. . Trust in The Father and Mother God, Divine Justice & Plan for All Creation. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 ~ channelings & guidance received by Angel Amita ☀️🙏

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