The animal kingdom is a very important part of this planet. Animals, just like humans and other species are here to experience their soul evolution, healing and finish lessons and karma. They are unfortunately not well treated on this planet, often violently killed, forsaken,  poisoned and more before they can do what they incarnated for. As long as humans continue to use them as lab tests, abuse and violently murder and forsake them, it is hard to imagine peace on earth. The treatment the animal kingdom face on this planet is a big problem. The animals are our younger brothers and sisters and friends, and they are here for important reasons. They help us develop compassion and love and open our hearts. They are loyal and protective companions when treated with love and respect. We recommend the book: Angelo- the angel cat ” Messages from the animal kingdom” It can be found here: In their natural state and life span, they may live often up to 20 years. Cows: Around 20 years Horses: 25-30 years Pigs: 15-20 years Sheep: 10-12 years Dogs: 10-13 years Rabbits: 9 years Cats: 12-18 years Chickens: 5-10 years Guinea Pigs: 4-8 years      

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