Clean water is vital to our health, communities, and economy. We need clean water upstream to have
healthy communities downstream. The health of rivers, lakes, bays, and coastal waters depend on the
streams and wetlands where they begin. Streams and wetlands provide many benefits to communities
by trapping floodwaters, recharging groundwater supplies, filtering pollution, and providing habitat for
fish and wildlife. People depend on clean water for their health: About 117 million Americans — one in
three people – get drinking water from streams that were vulnerable to pollution before the Clean
Water Rule. Our cherished way of life depends on clean water: healthy ecosystems provide wildlife
habitat and places to fish, paddle, surf, and swim. Our economy depends on clean water:
manufacturing, farming, tourism, recreation, energy production, and other economic sectors need clean
water to function and flourish

Reasons to Protect our Rivers

  1. Make rivers safe for people to use
  2. Protect river ecosystem
  3. Help plants flourish
  4. Allow animals to thrive
  5. Keep pollution out
  6. Clean drinking water
  7. Agriculture
  8. Protect geologic, ecological, biological and human history
  9. Helps shape cultures and societies
  10. Transportation

For Native Americans, a river is more than a ‘person,’ it is also a sacred place

The rivers and waterways are the veins of Mother Earth when they get polluted and clogged, then energy is blocked