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Cord Cutting Sessions

Healing Relationships

What are energetic cords?


Cords are like invisible threads that are created between two people, transmitting information, emotions and other energies. They are often attached at the level of the chakras. ”

In every relationship, people are exchanging energy. This energy can become a negative energy cord connecting you energetically with the person in that relationship. They often carry old patterns and negative energies 


Why clear toxic energy cords?


  • Helps to let go of the past
  • Frees you up
  • Detach from old energies drama
  • Stop energy drain from the cords
  • Bring new, fresh energy into an existing relationship
  • Clear old, karmic cords from past lives
  • Helps take your power back
  • Frees you up
  • Bears ground for  a relationship between two whole people
  • Avoid feeling a person after a relationship is over
  • Helps one to move on
  • More ability to connect to connect through the heart in soul connections
  • Have more energy for the present moments

Forms of cords: 


Contains the energy of negative aspects of a relationship and may be an unhealthy bond. This can be unresolved negative emotions and issues associated with events in the relationship. They often create unhealthy attachments, may have us take upon emotional problems of others, may take energy, and hold us back. Events and situations, as well as government organizations, may also form unhealthy cords of attachments with you.

Positive:  When the energy (and therefore the cord) is positive, there exists an energetic bond with the other person that is healthy.

People report feeling lighter, more centered and freer after cord cutting sessions. 

Current relationships heal and get a fresh start. One is finally able to let go of old exes and toxic connections.

Will I “loose” the person I cut cords with?

You will not loose a soul connection.  The soul connection is always there, even after a relationship is over. Clearing old cords, will help you to have a fresh  new start and more independent relationship.

Angel Amita  sees what needs clearing for your highest healing.

Who and what do we typically have cords with?

This could be ex- partners,  parents, siblings, teachers, bosses, sexual partners, traumatic events, past life cords, governmental organizations…

All healing happens with the individuals full consent.

  • Spiritual healing sessions is with cord cutting work if indicated, and we also do this during thetahealing. If you book such a session, you will usually have this work done!
  • I personally recommend doing a full session to have a holistic healing. 🙂
  • Separate cord- cutting sessions:
  • 1 session lasts approx 20 mins, and costs:
  • 25 USD per session.  2 session offer: 40 USD ( around 45 minutes )
  • Done on distance, via call or in person.
  • PS!
  • Most people have several energy cords…

“ Highly recommended. Really good energy healer. Kind and loving soul. She puts her heart into her work.

~Anniken Lilit April Dahle, Norway