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Classical Homeopathy

Same shall with same be cured ~ Samuel Hahnemann

Holistic, Natural Medicine For All

Homeopathy is the second largest system of treatment after conventional “medicine!”- called allopathy

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural way of treatment & holistic medicine that has been used for over 200 years to treat both acute and chronic medical conditions. Homeopathy is safe and gentle and works with your body to relieve symptoms, restore itself, and improve your overall health. It is extremely safe to use, even with very small children and pets, has none of the side effects of many traditional medications, is very affordable, and is made from natural substances.

Homeopathy was discovered and founded by the respected German physician Samuel Hahnemann (1755- 1843). Hahnemann first coined the word “homeopathy” (“homoios” in Greek means similar, “pathos” means suffering) to refer to the pharmacological principle, the law of similar, “Similia Similibus Currentur” (Latin), “~Same shall with same be cured.”

This form of treatment is growing in popularity; and is now used by 6 million people in the UK,1 100 million people in the European Union,2 and in India alone, 100 million people depend solely on homeopathy for their medical care. Worldwide, over 200 million people use homeopathy regularly.

Homeopathy is included in the national health systems of many countries e.g. Brazil, Chile, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Switzerland. Doctors undergo extensive training in homeopathy, and treatments are offered in hospitals. As an example, in London, one finds London Royal Homeopathic Hospital and in India many hospitals.

People often visit a homeopath for:
  • Repair of VACCINE DAMAGES (to various degrees)
  • Allergies, eczema, the flu, chronic conditions, ADD/ ADHD, emotional issues, traumas, phobias, asthma, depression, otitis media, allergic rhinitis (hay fever), headache and migraine, neurotic disorders, non-specific allergy, dermatitis, arthritis, and hypertension
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, and post-childbirth


At times, clients may have tried all other treatments, and receive help from the Homeopathic Doctor



Angel Amita offers homeopathic treatment for various conditions:

Physical, Mental & Emotional Conditions

Acute conditions

For Pregnancy and Childbirth

For whom?

For people of all ages

Including animals

Consultations last 20 -90 mins depending on the case.

Where did Angel Amita learn the arts of Homeopathy?

Angel Amita studied classical homeopathy for 5 years at the Scandinavian Institute For Classical Homeopathy in Norway, Encefalon~ School Of Medicine in Norway, and the Homeopathy School in Denmark. She is an internationally qualified Homeopathic Doctor and has experienced clients of all ages heal from many conditions. 


Angel Amita`s offerings:

~ Constitutional, chronic and acute treatments for children and adults

~ Homeopathic support during pregnancy

~ Homeopathy during childbirth ~very important!

~ Homeopathy after childbirth 

~ Animal homeopathy (may be combined with healing)

~ Special homeopathic birth kit

~ Homeopathic travel kit


For chronic problems one usually need to come for several consultations, depending on the issues.

The first consultation is the longest, where the Doctor gets a holistic picture of the dis- ease.


1st consultation: 

About 60 minutes: 60 USD

Follow up consultations: 

About 30 minutes: 30 USD

Acute consultations: 25 USD 20 minutes 

Homeopathic birth remedy kit:

Angel Amita will make a homeopathic birth kit for you.

This is very effective and helpful to ease the birth for mother and child. And a big step in avoiding unnatural interventions.

80 USD for 4 remedies with instructions

Homeopathic Travel kit:

For usual conditions that may arise druing travels

80 USD

Peru resident price: 

1st consultation: 60 minutes: 

Prices from 70- 150 soles; sliding scale. 

Follow up consultations:

40-100 soles  ( 30 mins.)

What happens during the consultation:
The Homeopath asks questions and takes notes to receive a holistic picture of the patient.

Specific symptoms and unique characters are important. The Doctor may also look into heritage.

For acute conditions, the homeopath asks for specific questions about the present condition.

For research on homeopathy:


The Father Of Homeopathy

The German Physician (Medical Doctor) Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) is the Founder of Homeopathy

Hahnemann became disenchanted with the destructive medical treatments of his day and sought a way to bring healing without suffering. He began by ingesting medicines to determine their effects on a healthy person. He noted that the symptoms produced by the medications were similar to those of the illness for which that medication was often prescribed. Quinine, or cinchona bark, was found by Dr. Hahnemann to produce the same symptoms of malaria it was said to cure. Thus the Law of Similars was born.

Once the action of the medicine was known, Hahnemann experimented with increasingly smaller doses. He found that in this way, even toxic substances could be rendered not only safe to consume, but beneficial to health. As Paracelsus said, “The dose makes the poison.” Additionally, the diluted doses eliminated the harmful side effects common to so many pharmaceuticals.

Hahnemann continued to carefully experiment and diligently document his findings, writing many texts about his work. These writings form the basis for homeopathic practice today.

Samuel Hahnemann, German Physician by Science Source