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Lake Titicaca Retreat

Connect to the Second Earth Chakra


6 Days Meditation & Healing Journey in Lake Titicaca, Peru


March 17th-22nd 2024

Oct. 16th- 21st 2024


following Machu Picchu & Sacred Valley….

Connect to your own soul & heart, at the Earth’s powerful second chakra!
The home of the temple of illumination
Travel by boat on the beautiful Lake Titicaca!
  • Puno city at the shores of the lake
  • Arumu Muru Temple – multidimensional Portal
  • Amantani Island – located in the lake, with ancient culture & temples
  • Pacha Mama Temple
  • Pacha Tata Temple
  • Uros Straw Islands
  • Fertility Temple
  • Silustani Ruins
  • Colorful Markets
  • Aymara Culture
  • Peruvian Culture
  • Deep, guided, healing meditations
  • Energizing, relaxing yoga
  • Group Healing work
  • Learn self- healing tools
  • Receive energy upgrades 
  • Breathtaking Nature
  • Stunning sunsets 
  • Freedom & Healing Lightness
  • High Vibrating Vortexes
  • Hikes
  • Healthy, plant-based, local, fresh foods
  • An optional sacred despacho ceremony – Offerings to Mother Earth
  • Sacred Opening & Closing circles for our special containers
  • Learn how to make traditional quinoa soup
  • Stay with a beautiful indigenous family on Amantani Island

OPTIONAL 2-DAY JUICE  FAST DETOX for those called!

Recharge your soul, heal, and connect to Mother Earth!


  • Spacious Beautiful Room with ensuite bathroom.
  • Stay in a Luxurious Hotel by the foot of Lake Titicaca with access to sauna, spa, jacuzzi, beautiful gardens, and spacious, clean common areas. 
  • You also experience staying at the Island of Amantani in an indigenous family home.  Amantani Island is a high vibrational quiet place. We have an authentic experience and help you disconnect from the busy, distracting world.
  • Meals offered during the retreat are Plant-based (vegan), and yogic, to suit the holistic journey.

Bookings require a deposit paid upfront. The rest of the payment needs to be done latest 2 weeks before the start, preferably 4 weeks before.

We occasionally allow part or the whole retreat to be paid cash upon arrival.

The hotel may change, according to the season, and we will keep the standard we offer. Prices may change slightly according to inflation and seasons.

If the button doesn’t work:



6-15 Persons. We require a minimum of 5 to hold the above-mentioned prices. And if there are fewer, we will host for a small added fee due to preparation time and costs.

We will do our best to arrange the rooms you want, depending on how many people are attending and what rooms they have chosen. For example, if you booked a twin room and have nobody to share with, you will be offered a single room. Setting up a retreat takes a lot of time, full days during, and some days wrapping it up.  There are numerous costs involved, and many details need to fall into place. Thank you for the understanding!


We accept USD, CAD, GPB, EUROS, PEN.

We do not use PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or Vipps.  (One need to be  US citizen to use Venmo and Zelle. )

Also… shorter and cheaper trips are possible. Even Private Day Trips. We arrange according to availability and time. Please be in touch!


Aramu Muru Portal
  • Gateway to the Illumination Temple
  • A mysterious carving in a mountain wall
  • It carries very strong vibrations. A great place to meditate, pray and receive downloads of energy.
  • An ancient portal to other dimensions, dating back to Lemuria.
  • The nature and views by Arumu Muru are truly breathtaking.

Amantani Island

  • An ancient island located on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, home to the Aymara population.
  • Home to around 800 families, living a simple life, close to nature, as farmers with ancient traditions.
  • Incredible views over the lake.
  • Pacha Mama Temple and Pacha Tata Temple are two important peaks on the island.
  • We stay with an indigenous family. 
  • Find peace in mind and soul disconnecting from the busy modern world 
  • Join a traditional despacho ceremony.
  • 4063 meters above sea level
  • Climate: Min. 3 ℃/ Max. 14 ℃


  • Located on “El Altiplano” at the shores of Titicaca – the world’s highest navigable lake.
  • The people of Pucara are considered to be the first relevant organized group that settled in the Region of Puno (also known as “El Altiplano”) around 100 BC. The area was previously occupied by the Qaluyo people around 1400 BC. After the Pucara people, the Tiahuanaco civilization ruled in this area, followed by the kingdoms of the Kollas and Lupacas.

Lake Titicaca

  • Considered the Earth’s 2nd chakra center.
  • Covering 3,424 square miles (8,560km²), it is dotted with dozens of islands.
  • It is the largest & highest lake in South America and home to the ancient Aymara culture. Located over 4000 m (13 000 feet) above sea level. Known for its sacred temples and indigenous island communities.

Uros Straw Islands

  • Uros Islands are a string of artificial islands, created by the ancient Uros people to escape the invading Incas. The islands and buildings are made of totora reeds, growing all over the immediate area.

Fertility Temple: Inca Uyo

  • Ancient temple representing the yoni & phalluses. A place where women used to come and pray for a baby, a partner and fertility.
  • A special place to visit where we will perform ceremonial and healing work

Silustani Ruins

  • It is a pre-Incan cemetery on the shores of Lake Umayo near Puno in Peru. Veneration of the dead and kinship were integral parts of Aymara culture, and the huge chullpas or “chupa” at Sillustani were built to house the Aymara elite of the immediate pre-Inca and Inca period. 

Travel Info:

  • Talk to us before booking flights.
  • Airports: Lima Jorge Chavez (LIM) from abroad. From there, catch a domestic flight to the Cusco Velasco Astete Airport (CUZ) or the Inca Manco Capac International Airport (JUL). Book it ahead of time to save money. We recommend to book directly on websites of airlines.
  • Taxi pick-up: We can arrange airport pick-up from Juliaca Airport and Puno Bus terminal to the meeting location.
  • From Cusco to Puno: By Comfortable Bus or Taxi- 5.5 h.
  • Or by domestic flight to Juliaca via Lima.
  • Fly out of: The Juliaca Airport (JUL) in the Titicaca area to the Lima Jorge Chavez (LIM)

Please plan to arrive in Cusco latest the morning the journey starts!

Peru Entry Info: 

Please check before traveling as this could change.

Peru’s Ministry of Exterior Relations list of visa requirements for each country.

Most countries receive visas upon arrival. The passport needs to be valid min. 6 months at the time of entry.

For more info:

INCLUDED in the Package


  • Travel by bus or private transport from Cusco to Puno, or vice versa. One of the ways is included according to need. We can also arrange private transport for a small added cost, for afew people together.
  • Arrival by Air: Travel to Juliaca Airport and meet us in Puno. You can fly there from Lima. 
  • Private boat for two days on the lake; if more than five participants (Exclusive for the group).
  • Private tourist van transport during the retreat.

  • Three nights in a nice 5-star hotel in Puno, by the shores of the lake.
  • Two nights with a lovely indigenous Aymara family in Amantani.


  • Spiritually guided tours to the following sacred site: Silustani Ruins, Chiquito Fertility Temple, Arumu Muru Multidimensional Portal, Uros Straw Islands, Amantani Island, Pacha Mama Temple on Amantani. Optional hike to Pacha Tata Temple on Amantani.

    Entrance tickets: Included for all the sites we visit.


  • All breakfasts
  • All lunches, except one
  • All dinners
  • Optional: Two days of juice fasting

All the food is plant-based, delicious, healthy and fresh. According to Yogic principles.


  • Recharging, relaxing, classical yoga classes each morning
  • Evening Meditation
  • Optional shorter yoga class in the evening
  • Daily sharing circles
  • Introduction to yogic self-massage 
  • Deep guided relaxation
  • Learn about the chakra system
  • Learning of the Kaoshikii yoga dance with 22 benefits.


  • Guided meditations every morning
  • Group meditation each evening
  • Grounding practice
  • Group Healing sessions transmitted from light beings
  • Prayers – affirmations
  • Special guided meditation in the Arumu Muru portal and inner journey.


  • Powerful group healing work is offered as guided. Positively affects each person.
  • Prayers and intentional soul-based inner work and ceremonies by Angel Amita
  • Self- Healing tools are taught


  • Learn how to make traditional Peruvian quinoa soup.


  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique class and  forgiveness practice
  • Introduction to kiirtan and bhajans singing sacred songs
  • A guided inner journey to balance/heal your inner masculine & feminine
  • Traditional Despacho ceremony at the Pacha Mama Temple. It is an ancient ceremony to pray to and honor the sacred mountains and our Pacha Mama.
  • Important opening and closing circles to create and close the sacred container
  • work with the flame of illumination in the temple
  •  Letting go of what no longer serves us; a healing practice


  • Hot water and Tea
  • Video meeting before the retreat & after
  • Retreat manuals

Optional, if there is time:

  • Sauna visit
  • Land-healing | space-clearing ceremony
    Join an optional special ceremony to balance the energies in the place we stay at, clearing away old stagnant energies, using ancient techniques, and cooperating with the four elements

Not INCLUDED in the Package:
  • Flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Extra Nights ( can be arranged )
  • Extra Tours
  • Pocket money
  • Personal expenses
  • Tips
  • Airport picks up in Cuzco or Juliaca (Can be arranged for a low cost.)
  • Transport to meeting the point on very first day.
  • Transport to your next destination after closing circle- however, we do provide transport back to Cusco.
  • Healing sessions with Angel: RETREAT OFFER: 65$ ONE SESSION of Thetahealing or Spiritual Healing (1 hour)- recommended ahead of the retreat, also after. Can be done during the retreat according to time.


              HOTEL GHL PUNO 5- STAR… Your accommodation when on the mainland…!