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Lake Titicaca Retreat

Visit The Earth`s Second Chakra!

Meditation, Yoga,  Temples and Nature…

6 days in the worlds second chakra!

Time spent in energy vortexes are very powerful!

Organized With Love By Angel Amita; experienced guide & facilitator


“For anyone seeking a spiritual journey to Peru with deep connection to the sacred places and themselves, with a combination of yoga, meditation, vegan travels and likeminded people, I highly recommend Angels retreats.

Angel by name Angel by nature! Our time with Angel was truly special. I feel so fortunate to have spent such an amazing l time in Peru with Angel and the other beautiful souls that were drawn to this wonderful spiritual guide in such a magical place.

Angel was so good at communicating before and during my time in Peru. I had many questions before the trip and she took so much time to make sure I had all the information I required. It was so reassuring as a female travelling from the UK on my own to be met at Cusco airport by a driver she had arranged.

As well as the 4 day retreat to Machu Picchu, Angel also organised 3 extra days in Sacred Valley, hooking me up with another traveller, to share accommodation and the costs of a private trip. Our guide was a Peruvian Lady who gave us great insight into the history and spirituality of Inca sites including Sacsayhuaman, Temple of the Moon, Inca agricultural terraces and Moray Salt Mines in Sacred Valley.
Our morning meditations and yoga practices set each day off to a great start.

The time we shared at Machu Picchu was incredible. We meditated and chanted in some very special places, away from the crowds, so we could feel our special connection with this sacred and spiritual place.
Angel made sure all our food needs were met, loving preparing buffet breakfasts and packed lunches. As a fellow Vegan, she directed me to the most amazing Vegan restaurants – in particular I would recommend Green Point in Cusco (just a short walk from Casa De La Gringa hotel which had also recommended). The Garden of Vegan in Urubamba is also well worth a visit.

Thank you so much Angel. I will feel forever connected to you, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and all the special souls who shared this time together.

I look forward to the next time our paths cross again.”

UK traveler

“This is up there as one of the most amazing things I have ever done and seen. Starting the days off with yoga, meditating at ancient sacred sites and eating great vegan food. From the Shaman we occasionally traveled with, to the family that welcomed us on straw island, to the family we stayed with on Amantani island. Such spiritual and grateful people. Thank you with all my heart for such a Grand Experience Angel ..Namaste. ” ~

Phillip McLynn, USA


April 4th- 9th 2022
Sept. 27th- Oct.  2nd 2022…

 Welcome to a magical journey!!

Explore Lake Titicaca Area while meditating, doing yoga, meeting nice people… breathing the prana!
Connect to your own soul & heart

The journey happens on the Peruvian side of the lake.

A Holistic Journey Connect the High Vibrations of this area

  • Puno town
  • Arumu Muru multidimensional Portal
  • Amantani Island
  • Pacha Mama Temple
  • Pacha Tata Temple
  • Uros Straw Islands
  • Fertility Temple
  • Silustani Ruins
  • Colorful Markeds
  • Aymara Culture
  • Peruvian Culture
  • Deep, guided, healing meditations
  • Energizing, relaxing yoga
  • Breathtaking Nature
  • Freedom & Joy
  • High Vibrating Vortexes
  • The Second Earth Chakra
  • Hikes
  • LIFE!
  • Experience a sacred despacho ceremony 
  • Be nurtured by amazing, healthy Vegan, Fresh food
  • Join Sacred Ceremonies
  • Learn how to make traditional quinoa soup
  • Here we can work deeply on second chakra related issues & themes.
  • Stay with a beautiful indigenous family in Amantani Island there, see the stunning sunsets over the lake, , and much more!
  • Creating memories for a lifetime.

Aramu Muru Portal

  • Gateway to Illumination Temple, located by Lake Titicaca
  • This place is a mysterious carving in a mountain wall
  • It carries a very strong energy
  • A great place to meditate, pray and receive downloads of energy
  • An ancient portal to other dimensions, dating back to Lemuria..
  • The nature and views by Arumu Muru are truly breathtaking.

Amantani Island

  • Ancient island located on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, home to the Aymara population.
  • Around 800 families live here.
  • They live a simple life, close to nature, as farmers with ancient traditions.
  • Electricity often comes from solar panels.
  • Views over the lake are incredible from here
  • Pacha Mama Temple and Pacha Tata Temple are two important peaks on the island.
  • Join us and stay with an indigenous family. Find peace in mind and soul disconnecting from the busy modern world 
  • Join a traditional despacho ceremony.
  • 4063 meter above sea level
  • Climate: Min. 3 ℃/ Max. 14 ℃


Located on – “El Altiplano” on the shores of Titicaca – the world’s highest navigable lake.

The people of Pucara can be considered to be the first relevant organized group that settled in the Region of Puno (also known as “El Altiplano” due to its lat land in the Andes) around l00 BC. This area was previously occupied by the Qaluyo people around 1400 BC. and it is believed that they were organized at a basic level with a ceremonial temple. After the presence of the Pucara people in this region, the Tiahuanaco civilization ruled in this area and after them the kingdoms of the Kollas and Lupacas

Lake Titicaca

  • Considered Earths second chakra center.
  • Covering 3,424 square miles (8,560km2), is dotted with dozens of islands.

  • the largest & highest lake in South America and home to the ancient Aymara culture. It is located over 4000 m or 13 000 feet above sea level. known for its sacred temples and indigenous island communities.

 Uros Straw Islands

  • Uros Islands are a string of artificial islands, created by the ancient Uros people to escape the invading Inca. The islands and buildings are made of totora reeds growing all over the immediate area.

Fertility temple Inca Uyo

  • Ancient temple representing the yoni & phalluses. A place where women used to come and pay for a baby, a partner, fertilty.
  • A truly interesting place to visit where we will perform ceremonial and healing work

Silustani Ruins

is a pre-Incan cemetery on the shores of Lake Umayo near Puno in Peru. Veneration of the dead and kinship were integral parts of Aymara culture, and the huge chullpas or “chupa” at Sillustani were built to house the Aymara elite of the immediate pre-Inca and Inca period. 


Is this journey for you?

This is a trip for those who want a spiritual journey where we connect deeply to the temples and vortexes. For people who like meditation, yoga, sacred ceremonies and to go deeper. For those enjoying adventures, cultures and meeting nice people. This is not a typical touristic journey.

Experience the beauty of  Lake Titicaca and the Andean culture!

See the sunset over the Lake while hiking the Pacha Mama Temple on Amantani Island


  • 688 USD in triple room ( requires that there is 2 to share with )
  • 711 USD double room with ensuite bathroom – 3 STAR  HOTEL PUNO TERRA
  • 777 USD single room with private bathroom- 3 STAR HOTEL PUNO TERRA
  • Spacious room with ensuite bathtoom.

  • You will also spend 1 or 2 nights with an an indigenous family in Amantani Island. This accomodation is rustic and more basic as they live  very simple lifestyles. It is a true experience and helps you disconnect from the busy, distracting world.

PS-  3 star hotel in Peru, may equal to 2.5 star in Europe/ USA. Just sharing so you keep your expectations correct…

Travel together with as 4 friends or more and receive 8 % discount!

Trading option: Webdesigner, WEB- DEVELOPER, social media marketing person. We can make a deal.

UPGRADES: 4 star upgrade possible.

4 STAR HOTEL ROYAL or similarly.

  • (Single room: 833 USD
  • Double room: 799 USD)

Bookings require 50% deposit paid upfront

Hotel may change, according to season, and we will keep the standard we offer.

Pay by card:

JOIN US for a beautiful experience in the Earth’s second chakra !!! 🙂

Info: sacredjourneysnow@gmail.c


GROUP SIZE: Generally 4-12 Persons.

These days there are generally fewer travelers. We offer to host for fewer people for an added cost to cover our costs. Remember that setting up a retreat takes several days, full days during and some days wrapping it up.  Many details need to fall into place. Thank you for understanding!

We will do our best to arrange the rooms you want. It just depends on how many people are attending and what rooms they have chosen. For example, if you booked twin room and have nobody to share with, you will be offered a single room.


We offer flexibility:

  • Host needs to move the dates for whatever reason: free date change for participants

  • Client wishes to postpone for whatever reason: Let  us know asap. & min. 6 weeks before retreat start. In this case there is no cost for date changes unless non- refundable bookings have been done… which host can not control.. this kind of change, can be done 2 times without cost.

  • Date changes less than 4 weeks before event, 150$ of the deposit will be subtracted for date change as many hours of work has already been made to arrange & plan.

  • If borders are closed in Peru, and traveling is not possible, 100$ will be subtracted and the rest of the deposit can be used within 12 months of original retreat date. You may gift the 100$  towards one of our projects to our charity Mother Earth  in the Sacred Valley – Thank you!

  • In the case client tests positive before travelling, and can not board the plane, date change is possible, but bookings may already be non refundable and several hours of work has already been put in on our side.  So around 55% of the retreat will need to be paid. 
  • We recommend having travel insurance to get refunds in such situations and will assist with documents necessary.
  • In the rare case, Peru short time before travelling, decides two doses of vaccine is necessary to enter and there are no exceptions and you do not wish to take the v, we will offer a date change for minimal cost as we do not agree with these things or we will generally offer to use as much as possible or the retreat payment towards healing sessions or online classes. We think these kinds of ” rules” will not last.
  • If you decide to leave the retreat bedore it is over , there is no refund
  • If you forget to check your passports validiy date, and will be denied boarding the flight,  you can change date.
  • If you miss your flight to Peru and arrive after retreat start, price for the retreat is still same and this kind of situation is also giving us extra work.
  • If you turn ill just before the retreat , get a doctors note and we will provide documents to help you get money back on since and re-book the retreat date.
  • if you turn ill during the retreat we will assist you to get to a doctor, dentist and similarly
  • extra nights apart from the 5 included has an extra cost
  • airport pick up will be arranged for a small cost


EITHER ONLINE OR CASH WHEN YOU ARRIVE in soles, dollars or euros.

dollar notes needs to be whole. ripped, broken and damaged notes are not accepted in peru.

 we do not use paypal, venmo or vipps.

meals offered during the retreat are plant based, yogic, for the best journey, if you require animal products you can buy it separately.

Travel Info:

  • Fly to: Lima Jorge Chavez ( LIM) . From there, catch a domestic flight to Cusco Velasco Astete Airport ( CUZ) or
    Inca Manco Capac International Airport ( JUL )
    Juliaca Airport. Book it ahead of time to save money.
  • Talk to us before booking flights
  • Taxi pick up: We can arrange airport pick up to meeting location.
  • Fly out of: Juliaca Airport ( JUL) in Titicaca area to Lima Jorge Chavez ( LIM)
  • unless you stay longer or join us for another amazing retreat!
  • in that case.. fly out Cusco Velasco Astete Airport
  • and leave peru via Lima airpport ( Lim )

Please plan to arrive in Cusco latest the morning the journey start

Peru entry info: 

Please check  before traveling as this could change

  • Negative PCR test doc
  • Or two doses c- vaccine
  • fill in online travel form found here:
  • Ask me for address to use on online form . 

For more info:

Beautiful dancers at Amantani Island  

Female retreat group as we were visiting Uros Straw Islands



Healthy, plant based, local and fresh foods offered during the retreat.  to nurtureyou on all levcels.


~  1 way by plane from Cusco to :Puno

~ Return from Puno to Cusco by liuxury bus

  • OPTIONAL: get to Juliaca Airport on your own, from Lima and back on your own. We will subtract the flight & bus cost.

~ 2 nights in nice hotel in Puno

~ 1 night in hotel in Cusco before we fly to Puno

~ 2 nights with lovely indigenous family in Amantani

~ All ground transport during retreat: includes: Private boat for 2 days on the lake only for the group,

Private tourist minivan- transport during the retreat

~ Spiritual tours to the following sacred sites:  Silustani Ruins, Chiquito Fertility Temple, Arumu Muru Multidimensional Portal, Pacha Mama Temple in Amantani,

Uros Straw Islands, Amantani Island. Optional hike to Pacha Tata Temple in Amantani.

~ Entrance tickets to all sites

~ All breakfasts ( vegan & plantbased )

~ All lunches ( vegan & plantbased )

~ All dinners, except 3 ( vegan & plantbased )

~ Guided spiritual tours to all sites

~ Special guided meditation in the portal and inner journey

~ Guided inner journey to balance your inner masculine & feminine in the fertility temple

~ Despacho ceremony with indigenous shaman in Pacha Mama Temple in Amantani Island

~ Hike to Pacha Mama temple

~ Yoga class each morning

~ Meditation class each morning

~ Group meditation each evening

~ Optional shorter yoga class in the evening.

~ Learning of the kaoshikii yoga dance with 22 benefits

~ EFT- Emotional freedom technique class

~ Karma clearing group session

~ Learning of sacred bhajans and songs

~ Retreat manuals with much info


  • Yoga class each morning
    Classical yoga, yogic massage and deep guided relaxation.

  • Meditation classes
    Every morning prior to meditation and every evening. Meditations to connect with the energies of sacred sites

  • EFT
    Emotional Freedom Technique Class

  • Despacho Ceremony
    Despacho ceremony in Pacha Mama Temple An ancient ceremony to pray to and honor the sacred mountains and our Pacha Mama. Blessings for areas of your life, with indi performed by indigenous shaman

  • Vegan, delicious foods
    All meals are made with natural, local ingredients. A lot is organic. Very tasty and healthy food.

  • Accomodation
    3 nights in 4 star hotel, 2 nights with indigenous family

  • Local Transport
    Safe., private tourist transportation, including private boat

  • Bus to Puno/ Cusco
    Luxury bus to and back from retreat

  • Indigenous family stay
    2 nights with our lovely and warm hearted host family in Amantani Island

  • Hike Pacha Mama Temple
    Hike to this ancient temple on the top of the island Amantani and see amazing views, and feel the special energies

  • Sacred Sites Excursions
    So Sillustani, Fertilility Temple- Inca Oyu, Uros Straw Islands, Pacha Mama Temple, Arumu Muru Portal to Other dimensions

  • Crystal Bowl concert
    With Ernesto Montesinos Aliaga, guide and photgrapher. Go deep into the sounds of the crystal bowls and journey with us to your heart, in harmony with the land and energies. Special experience!

  • Yoga dance
    Learn the Kaoshikii Yoga Dance, introduced by Indian Master Ananda Murtii. It has 22 health benefits.

  • Bhajans & sacred songs
    CHant with us the sacred, universal mantra Baba Nam Kevelam during meditations. Learn beautiful chants, open your heart and have fun!

  • Landhealing ceremony
    Join a special ceremony to balanace the energies in the place we stay, clearing away old stagnant energies, using ancient techniques and co- operating with the 4 elements

  • All breakfasts
    Nice breakfasts with fruits, juices, bread, guacamole, granola, potatoes, soups and more

  • All lunches
    Rich vegan lunches with the little extra

  • Dinners
    Nice soups and other dishes


Not included:

~ Flights

~ Travel insurance

~ Pocket money

~ Personal expenses

~ Three dinners

~ Tips

~ Airport pick up in Cusco. Can be arranged for a low cost.

~ Transport to bus station the very first day

~ Transport to your next destination after closing circle

~ Healing sessions with Angel: RETREAT OFFER: 130 SOLES ONE SESSION of Thetahealing or Spiritual Healing (1 hour )

  • Flights
    personal expenses

  • Travel Insurance

  • Airport Pick up

  • Two dinners


    Individual Healing sessions