Cut 100% PURE cacao bar (s) in small pieces. Add the pieces to a cooking pot, add some water over the cacao. Keep a low heat, stir the mix, do not leave out of sight. The mix will start melting, keep moving it and it turns into an even thick sauce. Now is the time to add spices: Good options are; Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and more… You may also add superfoods, such as maca powder, moringa & others….. Let it simmer as you stir the mix and add good energy & intentions to it. You may even sing to it. Give Thanks for the Spirit of Cacao! Add some more water. Choose a sweetener: This may be agave, maple, stevia, brown sugar ~according to your preference…Do not add too much! Now, add plant milk. You decide the ratio between water & milk. Good milk are Coconut, almond milk, soy milk, brazil nut milk, and some others. Oatmilk would make it thick, so unless you want it thick, avoid oat milk.

Enjoying the Sacred Cacao:

As you drink, take some time to thank the cacao. Show gratitude. Send some intentions, prayers into the drink and good vibes. Feel free to accompany this with relaxing, high vibe music & even a fire 🔥 to make it even better. Drink slowly, appreciate the taste and feel the good energy hot drink enter your bodily temple…GIVE THANKS! 

Make the experience a healing one and make the best out of it! Good luck. 🌞

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