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Spiritual Healing

It is time to completely heal the past

Powerful Healing Sessions!

Angel Amita is born highly sensitive, has gone through many initiations has 11 years of training and experience with healing

Receiving clients from around the world

Walking her soul path bringing love, compassion, healing & high vibrations to the collective

Feel lighter, take your power back, experience increased well-being and freedom,  and live your truth!

What can spiritual healing help with?

☘️ Letting go of old energies & removing blocks

☘️ Grounding & Presence

☘️ Feeling lighter & more clear

☘️ More connection to soul 

☘️ Healthy boundaries

☘️ Healing old heartbreak

☘️ TRAUMA healing 

☘️ Clearing  toxic energy cords 

☘️ Cancelling outdated soul contracts …

☘️ Clearing old programming 

☘️ Release karmic patterns 

☘️ Ancestral line Healing 

& much more!

Who can receive spiritual healing?
People in all ages can receive healing. For small children, parents give consent. It is always done with consent. Animals can also receive healing.
How to prepare for a session?
Please make sure you can be alone and relaxed, either at home or in a private setting.
Avoid using any recreational drugs, or stimulants, such as ganja & alcohol best 3 days before the session, and minimum of 24 hours before.
Take a break from other things during the session.
Keep water available and you may want to take notes.
PS! I offer only certain times for sessions. I don’t do sessions early or late, because I want to be at my best, energetic and balanced.
How to book a session?
I am looking forward to hearing from you and supporting you!

New clients offer!

65$ USD for 60 mins
Book here:
90$ USD for 90 mins!

Book here:

90-minute healing: 111$ USD – 150$ USD sliding scale

Book here:

60-minute healing: 80$ USD – 100$ USD sliding scale

Book here :

30-minute healing: 35$ USD – 60$ USD sliding scale

Book here:

According to your heart and ability 🙂

Package of 4 x 60 minutes session: 288$ USD ~

2888 NOK

Book here:


Rebooking: Please rebook min. 48 hours before, and 24 hours only in unexpected circumstances.

For cancellations less than 24h before, there is a 20% fee of the session cost.

Clients with residency in Peru: 
30 minutes: 100 soles 
1 hour: 200 soles –  


We will appoint during the booking. It depends on where you are located.

CASH or Bank
WeTravel payment link:

Exchange rates: 

What is Spiritual Healing?

Angel Amita is a trained Advanced Spiritual Healer Level 3.  She has practiced this form of healing for years offering it to people from around the word.

Spiritual healing works on all levels. During sessions we look for and clear blocks in the aura, chakras ( energy centers) and other subtle bodies. This way your light can shine brighter and your Higher Self can connect with you better. When you heal, new energy comes it and you feel lighter and more yourself.

Everything is energy, so everything can be healed with energy!

  • In one session, we see big, positive changes and release of old baggage.
  • While in session, we often see that deep issues and past lives come up for healing.
  • Angel Amita has learned to use powerful spiritual tools and energies to dissolve old soul contracts, permanently cut toxic energy cords, dissipate karma, remove old patterns and limitations.
  • Sessions happen in person, on skype or on a distance.
  • Channeled individual, soul guidance follows each session. You will receive a recording of the session.
  • Angel Amita is a trained advanced spiritual healer trained by Center For Soul Evolution, Mount Shasta, USA.

Individual Spiritual Guidance

During Healing Sessions & In Retreats

During the healing sessions, we work through many things as well as karmic patterns.

Angel Amita may be shown old karmic patterns that needs clearing. She has learnt powerful energy techniques to help clear these patterns.

Karma is based on past actions and the principle of  that each action has an equal or opposite reaction. So every action, even thought will eventually have a reaction.

Different forms of karma..:ancestral karma, personal karma, planetary karma, collective karma.

During group sessions, we may clear collective karmic patterns and also individual

Clear the slate on your personal and ancestral histories! It supports our soul journey and spiritual path to heal limiting and painful energies from our past. This brings us more into present time so we can create god lives, even while the world changes rapidly.



Please note!  I offer only certain times for sessions. I don’t do sessions early or late, because I want to be at my best, energetic and balanced.


Karma Clearing

Let go of deep karmic patterns and be free of old baggage


Cord Cutting


“ I have had a number of healing sessions with Angel, she provides a great service. I was new to theta- and spiritual healing and did not know what to expect, but Angel gave me a clear insight all the way through the experience. Healing has allowed me to gain a new perspective on many things, I have new found clarity, empowerment and confidence, and I am  grateful for Angels skills as a healer. They have helped put me on a clearer path in life.”

~Kirk Stacey, United Kingdom

“Angel’s healing session was amazing!! Well for one I’ve been doing energy healing for a while and I am very choosy about who I work with so the fact that I even resonate with working with someone says a lot for me! Before the session I was sick with a fever for 3 days that ended when we agreed to do the session. Huge tension in my solar plexus released as Angel helped me cut the chords to certain people. I relaxed so much deeper into my being as she helped me repair my grounding chord. Issues I couldn’t access on my own around my heart and third eye cleared up. It was so powerful and quick and direct. And so so important there was no ego or personal bias distorting the message or adding any other information that was not necessary. Often this happens with healers and it can leave a bad subtle imprint. With angel is was super clear, direct, and grounded. I’m immensely grateful this Angel came into my life she’s brought nothing but blessings!!

Dante Filipini, USA

“ I did many healings with Angel when I was in the Sacred Valley. She holds a very safe and deep space. She helped me heal deep karmic stuff from many lifetimes, get rid of destructive belief systems and behaviours. Through our healing sessions I also healed and balanced my body. I am forever grateful to this powerful and sweet sister and will continue to work with her after I return to Norway. Thank you so much, Angel. Your name suits you perfectly!  Highly recommended! <3”

~Marthe Alva Dille