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Space Clearing Work

Creating harmony in your home & Mother Nature

Landhealing ceremony

What is landhealing?
Landhealing work is ancient, sacred energy work. In ancient times on earth, we used to know and remember how to heal and balance nature and do it regularly. Hence many have done this before with tools from times like Lemuria.


What are the positive effects of space-clearing work?
  • Energetic blockages are being removed
  • The space will havehigher and clearer energy
  • You feel more relaxed in the space
  • Emotional tensions and negative thought forms in the space are being cleared
  • You will feel better concentration
  • You feel more comfortable
  • Empaths will typically feel the changes very fast
…. and more!


What do we do during a ceremony?
We work to clear a house or area of negative thoughtforms, stagnant energies and blockages. These kind of blocked energies tend to linger and stay in buildings, land and area for a while, unless deliberately cleared out.
How do we do this? 
We work together with nature spirits, elemental beings, angels and various beings of light In addition, of course Mother Earth.
During this sacred work, we clear your space/ house of negative energies and thought forms.


You will participate in the work and feel significant positive, uplifting changes afterwards!
Examples of energies we clear:
  • Old emotional energies… such as anger, tensions, stress , negative thought forms and patterns
  • spirits of dead people ( ghosts )- we help them move on to the light
  • if you live near a battle field, this will affect you
  • nature find peace
  • negative and stagnant energies  that would steal energy from you and make you tired
  • houses where people have gotten divorced and there has been negative events often need clearing
  • its is very good to do space clearing when moving into a new house

It is very good to do space clearing when moving into a new house…

Would like a blessing for your land?
Working with the land itself, as well as elemental beings, and nature beings, Angel Amita uses ancient techniques to bless the land and all nature around which may bring in abundance ease and grace for all connected. These techniques helps nature balance itself. She also uses certain techniques from ancient Peruvian traditions.


Land blessing ceremony: Donations from 60 $ and up.  Your family and friends can be participants for an extra added smaller donation per person to receive their unique prayers and blessings.
Have a home that needs an energy clearing? 
Angel Amita is honored to come to your home and arrange the ceremony. You participate and will be instructed on how to prepare.
While using ancient and effective techniques working with the 4 elements and beings of the light, as well as meditation and more, you are receiving help to you clear your home for old and stagnant energies that may have been held a while. 
The ceremony lasts between 1- 2 hours depending on the size of the house. Donation. Min: 65$ plus transportation costs.

Book a blessing or a landing ceremony:

Contact me to book a session and find out more. 
Angel Amita is a trained advanced landhealer (By Center For Soul Evolution, USA), and has over 12 years experience in clearing energies in houses and blessing the land.
She is strongly connected to Nature and very sensitive and works with the ancient tools she knows and has a deep love & connection to Nature and Creation.
She has worked as a volunteer in this field since 2012 and is an experienced &  powerful land healer.
 I look forward to supporting you with a clear and good energy space!