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Group Healing Sessions

Effectively Heal Collective Patterns

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Meet for powerful healing
Be supported to stand in your sovereign field and steady in your truth and light
We work on common patterns that the human collective carry
Release old baggage on all levels
Find inner wholeness
Free Yourself Up
Shine Your Light! 
What we do during a session may be karma clearing, healing unhealthy, collective beliefs, clearing traumas & stress from current state of the world….. & more!
Help raise the frequency of the collective by healing yourself!
Now is the time to stand united and strong.

Healing is very important and needed these days


Angel Amita, leads you through a powerful & gentle healing session with much compassion. During the group sessions the main tools is thetahealing & techniques Angel Amita has been trained in used successfully for years . She  has an active healing practice, and  has offered group healing in her retreats and online.


Ready & feel the pull?


October 1st, November 4th, December 2nd & December 30th

2022 dates coming

Time: 2 pm- 3. 15 pm Peru time

21.00- 22.15 Europe time

Join a special New Years Session!

Release old from 2021 and meet the New Year fresh!

Cost:  30 $ per session

All sessions: 150 $

Group sessions lasts from 60- 90 minutes

It is recommended to join as many as possible.



– Find the date you wish

– Register & pay

– Add the date in your calendar!


For the session:

Please make sure you can be alone and relaxed

The best is to be at home

Be hydrated

Be on time

Stay away from stimulants 24 hours before

Keep a notebook ready if you wish

Have earplugs for the session


…….. ~ move forward free, light, empowered and in deep contact with your soul!!

Karma clearing:

~Empowerment & Soverignity

Heal imbalanced used of power & stop giving power away to Gov. and events outside you. Regain energy lost in the chaos of the last years events.

Grounding & being in the Now.

Due to traumas, stress and many events, most peoples souls are not fully present in their bodies. It is important to be fully present & connected to feel strong in lives situations When you are not present, other, disrurning energy can get into yuor field.

June 12th:

~Clear traumas, contracts & karma of slavery from all lifetimes & timeslines

June 25th:

~ Cancelling contracts with giverments, secret organizations and so on from all lives and excistences.

Strong and very needed work now!

 Many of these contracts are done on the sunconscious level.

July 7th

Healing of traumas from sudden loss and seperation from loved ones like family and soul family. Some of us have experienced this in various ways in lives: loss from the time of Lemuria, Atlantis and in wars.  These traumas are being retriggered in todays world with distancing and restrictions.

Super important to clear & heal these deep memories in the soul.

July 20th:’

Loneliness & not feeling home

~many are not feeling home in this world. reasons are many, we work on clearing and healing this so your journey here is easier.

we also work on healing the sepeartion from source that happened in earlier excistences. and healing this helps us return to our divine fullness of incarnarion

Register here:

Easily & quickly let go of old baggage and karmic patterns!

Economic Price ~Full Confidentiality

We work on healing themes:

  • Collective old belief patterns








I am arranging group sessions from time to time.

I am also arranging group sessions on request.

A group session lasts from 1-1-5 hour and has an economic price, often from 20$ and up. minium participants: 3