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Group Healing Sessions

Effectively Heal Collective Patterns




In the sessions, Angel Amita leads you though a powerful & gentle healing session of various important themes and patterns. Angel Amita has may years experience offering healing. She has also offered group healing in her retreats and online.

It its time to heal and clear limiting and painful patterns from the past!

  • Be supported to stand in your sovereign field and steady in your truth and light
  • We work on common patterns that the human collective carry
  • Release old baggage on all levels
  • Find inner wholeness
  • Free Yourself Up
  • Shine Your Light! 

What we do during a session may be karma clearing, healing unhealthy, collective beliefs, clearing traumas & stress from current state of the world….. & more!

Being in a world of change and being on a spiritual path, it is important that we stay strong & steady in ourselves and shine our light.

This require that we go within and work on our return to wholeness!

 It is very important to clean our slate and heal old patterns, karma, hurts and unhealthy beliefs.

This way our light will shine brighter and we will connect deeper to and remember our soul purpose & stand strong.

During the group sessions, we meet online.  We touch in on common themes that the human collective usually need to heal and clear. These are patterns many people carry consciously or unconsciously.

Techniques used:
  • Thetahealing
  • Karma Clearing
  • EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Meditation
  • Breathing
  • Spiritual Healing
  • & more

Angel Amita has successfully used these powerful healing tools for several years and has several trainings, and is looking forward to sharing with you!




Looking forward to sharing!

Thank you for your patience!

We work through common themes that many people benefit from …………
  • Karmic Patterns
  • Empowerment & Sovereignty
  • Feeling of not belonging
  • Family – bloodline dynamics
  • Limiting, often subconscious belief systems
  • Self- Love
  • Grounding
  • Being stuck
  • & more

 Group healing work is powerful & effective!

Help raise the frequency of the collective by healing yourself!
Now is the time to stand united and strong!!
Healing is very important and needed these days


Angel Amita, leads you through a powerful & gentle healing session with much compassion. During the group sessions the main tools is thetahealing & techniques Angel Amita has been trained in used successfully for years . She  has an active healing practice, and  has offered group healing in her retreats and online.

Ready & feel the pull?

For the session:

Registration & info:

Keep aside up to 1.5 hour for a group session

Price: 30 US$ per session

 or 125 US$ for all

Highly recommend to join as many sessions as possible.

Please make sure you can be alone and relaxed

The best is to be at home

Be hydrated

Be on time

Stay away from stimulants 24 hours before

Keep a notebook ready if you wish

Have earplugs for the session


~ move forward free, light, empowered and in deep contact with your soul!!

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