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“Your inner work is the most important step you want to take at this time to accelerate your evolution and to open the way for your homecoming.” ~ Master Hilarion.

Angel Amita has several years experience, receiving clients from around the world. 

When clients give positive feedback, she knows she is doing her soul work! It is a joy to help!

“I had both a spiritual healing and theta healing session with Angel and both were life changing experiences.

A big smile and inner peace was in my heart after every session with her.

She helps me a lot and I am blessed to have met her and for sure will have more sessions with her. Warmly recommend Angel who is a true angel, healer, spiritual guide .

Thank you and many blessings for you and your devoted work on Earth.”

Lana Pocekaj, Croatia/Norway

“Angel is one of the most powerful healers I have ever encountered. Her hour-long spiritual healing session left me in a state of near-ecstasy; my body was tingling all over, my heart so full, and my mind completely clear. She cleared out decades of unhealthy karmic cords to my parents, my career, and my romantic relationships. She did what years of regular talk therapy, CBT, and pharmaceutical medications could not: make me feel at one with myself and truly understand what it means to live my authentic truth. Since that healing session, I have become more confident in myself, my actions, and decisions, as well as more compassionate and present for those around me. She is truly an angel sent from the heavens.”

Xuan Vu, New York, USA

“ I have had a number of healing sessions with Angel, she provides a great service. I was new to theta- and spiritual healing and did not know what to expect, but Angel gave me a clear insight all the way through the experience. Healing has allowed me to gain a new perspective on many things, I have newfound clarity, empowerment, and confidence, and I am grateful for Angel’s skills as a healer. They have helped put me on a clearer path in life.”

~Kirk Stacey, United Kingdom

“Angel is a very kind hearted person who provides powerful spiritual healing sessions. After just one session with her, I felt nearly immediate positive changes in my well-being. She helped me clear chakra and energetic blockages and greatly helped me understand some of the things that were affecting my emotional health. I would highly recommend working with her. “

~Nicole Berry, USA/ Spain


“Highly recommended! Really good energy-healer. Kind and living soul. She puts her heart into her work.”

~Anniken Lilit April Dahle, Norway




“Your inner work is the most important step you want to take at this time to accelerate your evolution and to open the way for your homecoming.” ~ Master Hilarion.


Dada Gunamuktananda


December 2021

“After three months in Lima, I had begun to entertain the prospect of visiting Machu Picchu before leaving Peru, when I was delighted to receive an invitation by Angel Amita to join her group for her Meditation, Hiking, and Yoga Journey in November.

As a meditation teacher myself, I recognized some of my own practices, as well as others beneficial the newcomer of the esoteric, in her program.

Angel Amita cares deeply for the participants of her program. She takes their welfare (physical, mental and spiritual) to heart and does her utmost to nourish, guide, and assist on all levels.

She integrates the practices gleaned from her gurus, mentors and other sources of knowledge into a seamless flow of love and teaching for body, mind, and soul. I really felt that she listens to the soul of each participant and gives them what they need at this very moment of their lives.

She recognizes that we are what and where we are at any particular point in time for a reason, and that every moment of our lives, wherever and with whoever we may happen to be, is an important and integral part of our journey.

So she approaches her events not only from the perspective of the mundane but also that of the sacred, recognizing that Inherent within the fulfillment of the physical is the mission of the sacred.

If you want to visit Machu Picchu with a deeper understanding, with a deep connection to nature and respect for the local culture, incorporating meditation and other inner processes you can take back with you and continue in your daily life, this retreat may well be for you. It is a unique experience I am unaware of anyone else offering in quite the same way.”

“I had a kundalini awakening a few years ago which was incredible but also hard to live. I was
overwhelmed by the process and looking for ways to heal actively and to progress spiritually. I practiced
many forms of healing, and discovered Angel on facebook one day totally “randomly”. I decided to give
her sessions a try, but after a disappointment with someone else, I was quite sceptical with healers. I was
determined to try once and stop with healers if I wasn’t satisfied (and the standards were high) as you can
find everything out there.
I ended up working with Angel since. It has been 4 years. I feel energy myself so I can often feel what she
does and I completely trust her. I feel the purest light when she connects to me, the lightest touch. Even if
you don’t feel energy, you will feel the benefits in your soul, in your body, in your mind, in your life. For
me, it was a session here and there at the beginning and specifically on this last year, nearly one session
per week. I have always been very devoted to my spiritual growth, even before meeting her. I am the kind
who can practice for hours, daily and consistently and she has helped me tremendously on my way. I
could not put into words the difference between the person I was, and how I feel now. Especially with
your spiritual path, you can only feel… be !
But what I can tell you is : the sessions Angel offers are life-changing. You will feel better, lighter, in
your power, especially if you have a steady practice. Angel is benevolent, genuine, wise and kind. She
understands the true meaning of service, she does not judge you no matter what you say ! She does not
speak to drown you in hippie nonsense or with fake compassion, she does not look down on you like
some so-called spiritually advanced people do.
I understood many things on my journey, amongst which something some people do not consider enough
on theirs : there is no need to suffer. Really. It can be part of your path if you choose, but you can also
find a powerful healer to dissolve your karmas (for those of you who suffer from reoccuring events or feel
blocked in a situation). You can find a powerful healer to shower the dark energies or entities you carry in
light (from past experiences or places or people who let you these unwanted energies). You can find a
powerful healer to dissolves the curses you are burdened with (from past rituals, family, malevolent
people, etc. That leads you to live re-occuring situations, diseases…). You can find a powerful healer to cut
the etheric energy cords you share with people in your life, towards whom you feel anger, sadness, resentment,
hate, etc (family members, bosses, aggressive people,…) when you feel that the relationship is poisoning you and
that you don’t want to invest energy in these feuds anymore. You can list your negative thoughts and help
Angel go to the root of those in order to dissolve them with Thetahealing method : the pain you feel
which stems from the negative perspective on life goes away with the belief ! And you can then envision
your life from new grounds. You can find a powerful healer to balance your energies, ground you to the
earth to feel more present and rested, energetic and connected to life. I had kundalini insomnias for so
long before Angel solved this problem. Most of my life I have been exhausted. There are so many other
things you can do through energy-work with Angel. She is the powerful healer everyone needs !
She is committed, honest and extremely efficient. There is no need to suffer consistently on your path,
once you see an element in your life is dysfunctional, just fix it !!! Do yourself a favor. If your washing
machine doesn’t work anymore, you do not tell yourself “it’s like that, I’ll let it rust here”, neither do you
claim “I won’t change my washing machine if I don’t understand why it doesn’t work”. … You have it
fixed. If you can, you fix it yourself but everybody can’t do that. Nobody reads one or two tutorials on
fixing washing machines and then gives up if it doesn’t work, to wash their laundry by hand for the rest of
their life.
So why would you do that to yourself ?
It does not mean your issues will disappear overnight as there can be many roots to the same issue
(although… some of my issues did actually disappear overnight and I am infinitely grateful). But if you
are committed yourself to your spiritual journey, and work with her, it will do wonders for you. Your life
will change, period. If you are not too committed on you spiritual growth and take sessions here and there
with her, your life will change too… but at this rhythm that you deliberately chose. Which means that you
have the power. Light always prevails. Meditate, pray, honor your other practices if you have some and
treat your soul with sessions with Angel, it will bring you the most beautiful changes.

~Agathe Houeto, France

It is now time to completely heal the past and embrace a brand new paradigm of love, limitless and unprecedented grace for your life and for the planet.

~ Adama

“Your inner work is the most important step you want to take at this time to accelerate your evolution and to open the way for your homecoming.”

~Master Hilarion

Every Woman That Heals herself, heals all that  came before her and will come after.’