Very Special Holistic Journey to Ancient Peru!! 

Allow Your Soul To Guide You!




Location: Sacred Valley & Machu Picchu, Peru 

Give yourself the gift of exploring ancient Peru, as well as your own heart and soul!

It is time to follow and trust the calling of your soul!

Angel Amita, Amy, Tuhin & Team, are excited to receive you!

This journey is suitable for people who seek to connect deeper as well as heal and transform.

Hosts have 9 years of experience in arranging sacred journeys in Peru, as well as 27 years of yoga & meditation practice, and 10 years of experience & education facilitating healing and inner journeys.

We are in a special time on earth, and it is time to trust & allow the soul to guide you ~ and to gather together with like-minded souls in communion.

During this retreat, we will do some special activities to nurture your soul growth! 

Experience a full day in the ancient city of light Machu Picchu, both with hikes,  meditations, and intentional work. coca leaf prayers, guided temple, tours & more.  It is truly a Divine Experience!

During the trip, we offer daily guided morning meditations, grounding, and recharging yoga.  We do sharing circles and evening meditations. 


In addition to this, it will be possible to have private healing sessions with Angel Amita.

There will be guided tours to special Sacred Valley sites, nature hikes to beautiful jungle waterfalls in Machu Picchu, and other nature hikes in the Sacred Valley/ Cusco.

We work with experienced indigenous experienced spiritual guides and Tuhin will guide & assist. 

You will be served healthy, locally produced, plant-based foods to nurture you!

Stay comfortably in a beautiful location in the Heart of the Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu!

We are looking forward to receiving you! More info will be provided upon booking.

Love and Blessings,

Angel Amita, Amy & Team. 

  • Morning Meditations
    Every Day with mantra, silence & visualization

  • Daily Evening Meditation
    Guided and Silent

  • Recharging Yoga
    Start The Day off with new energy

  • 2 Gradmother Ceremonies
    Hosted by experienced, well- trained guides

  • Full day in Machu Picchu
    Hike the mountain, connect to the powerful energies, receive downloads, guided tours or the temples…

  • Hikes
    Mountain Machu Picchu, Waterfalls, Jungle, Sacred Valley….

  • Sacred Valley Sites
    Guided Tours of Moray, Maras, Ollantaytambo..

  • Waterfalls Visit
    Be guided on a small hike to amazing waterfalls and nature place

  • Inner work and prayers
    Guided inner work in the vortexes and daily

  • Guided Tours
    By Experienced Guides

  • All Meals
    Delicious, locally produced and fresh to suit the holistic journey

  • Airport transfers
    Pick- up and drop off by private drivers

  • Local Transport
    PrivateTransport during the retreat

  • Train tickets
    Ollantaytambo- Aguas Calientes 2 ways

  • Machu Picchu Ticket
    To enter the sacred ruins

  • Bus ticket
    To & back from Machu Picchu

  • Zoom Calls
    Ahead to prepare and inform

  • Retreat Manuals
    As you arrive

  • Sacred Valley & Cusco
    Temple Tickets

  • Group Healing
    Guided Group Energy work

  • Self- Healing Tools
    Learn some important and useful, empowering tools
  • Flights
    Back & Forth to Cusco

  • Travel Insurance
    We highly recommend this

  • Snacks
    Any extras apart from included meals

  • Tips
    To guides, hosts & others warmly welcome

  • Extra Nights
    Happy to arrange extra nights for an added cost

  • extra nights

  • Individual Healings
    Angel Amita is honored to offer private sessions

  • Spa Treatments

  • Souvenir shopping

Optional:  Healing ceremonies with Mother Ayahuasca, facilitated by experienced hosts who have done this work over many years and trained with amazing ayasqueros. The work will be held in safe and supportive settings.



Host & Founder
Angel Amita is an old soul, born in Norway, residing in Peru many years.

She started hosting holistic retreats in 2014, after clear guidance.  She has an active energy-healing practice with clients from around the world. And she works as a volunteer for projects for Balancing Mother Nature.

Honoured and excited to bring love and healing to the human collective and help make this world and better place;  Angel Amita is grateful to support souls connect to their hearts. She is strongly connected to Mother Nature and ancient sacred sites, especially Machu Picchu & Mount Shasta. She knows that each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world in change, in order to anchor in the new blueprints, raise the vibration, and to bring their unique light to the human collective 

Yoga & Meditation
Amita has meditated for 27 years twice daily and practised yoga for even longer. She is a 200 h  experienced Yoga Teacher,  kids and pregnancy yoga teacher, and an experienced Meditation Guide and channel.  Yoga and meditation are very important tools which help heal the world!
Veganism & Prana
She was a vegetarian since she was 16, thereafter vegan till now, years and since July 2017, her body naturally transformed to be able to live on energetic nourishment (prana). The yogic principle of AHIMSA- harmlessness to all life is supported.
Angel Amita has an active healing practice receiving people from around the world. It is an important part of her soul purpose to help people heal & empower themselves and connect with their hearts & souls, and return to wholeness. She is also a Homeopathic Doctor offering classical homoeopathy. Very blessed to offer these modalities and love to the human collective. 
Spiritual Guide- Ascension Guide
Angel is a sensitive psychic empath and strongly connected to Mother Nature, Ascended Masters, Mother Amma, the sacred mountains – ancient sites and the light realm. She often receives direct guidance being a channel for higher consciousnesses. Guidance & meditation exercises come to support All. 
Being an earth angel ~ passionate about raising consciousness to support humanity and the earth in their ascension process.  She also has a strong connection to ancient Lemuria, and supports anchoring in the New Earth frequencies.
With many years of experience hosting sacred ceremonies, healing ceremonies, and ceremonies for the earth for people from around the world she is looking forward to welcoming you!
Amita has a strong connection to help reunite soul family.

She is an experienced Devotee and tour traveler with Amma and the yoga tradition of Ananda Marga since she was a teenager.


Born and raised in the Mountains of California as a free spirited, fearless horse back rider. I joined the US Coast Guard to lean into this feeling of adventure and travel. I moved to the Midwest and raised a family, 1 girl and 1 boy, they grew up and moved away to start their own journey. My life drastically changed and I started following the spiritual bread crumbs and my life evolved. I went on my first retreat (of many) and started to heal my broken heart and soul. From there, I dove into energy work, channeling, meditating, hypnosis, yoga, traveling and coaching bringing others along with. I deepen my practices and as I continue to grow, I find myself continuing to follow these breadcrumbs being lead with my heart sharing the gifts of the world with others. 

Jean Piel 

Jean was born in France. He has been experiencing medicinal plants since he was 25. His first experience was with Iboga in Gabon (Africa) where he lived 5 years. After that he moved to Mexico where he started experiencing with Peyote in Wirikuta, the desert of San Luis Potosi,and with the mushrooms in Huautla. After spending 20 years in Mexico, he met mother Ayahuasca.
He felt the called to work with her and moved to Peru where he has been living now for 12 years.
For the last 12 years Jean has lead more than 500 Ayahuasca ceremonies and retreats in Peru, Mexico, Canada, USA, Turkey, France, Belgium.
Jean is also a multi instrumentalist musician and songwriter. He plays african harps, flutes, drums, and builds his own instruments.

Selin Ercil

Selin is from Turkey. She moved to Peru 10 years ago and started to experience
medicine plants with different masters.
She met Jean 8 years ago and started to work with him.
They now work together as a team.
Selin is also a musician and singer.
We are really looking forward to receiving you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to be in touch!