It its time to heal and clear limiting and painful patterns from the past!

Being in a world of change and being on a spiritual path, it is important that we stay strong & steady in ourselves and shine our light.

This require that we go within and work on our return to wholeness!

  It is very important to clean our slate and heal old patterns, karma, hurts and unhealthy beliefs.

This way our light will shine brighter and we will connect deeper to and remember our soul purpose & stand strong.

During the group sessions, we meet online.  We touch in on common themes that the human collective usually need to heal and clear. These are patterns many people carry consciously or unconsciously.

Techniques used:


Karma Clearing

EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique



Spiritual Healing

Angel Amita has successfully used these powerful healing tools for several years and has several trainings.  She is looking forward to sharing with you!

Keep aside up to 1.5 hour for a group session-


3 pm- 4.30 pm Peru Time

(for local time, check )

September 10th:


Clear traumas, contracts & karma of slavery from all lifetimes & timelines

~ Cancelling contracts with governments, secret organizations and so on from all lives and existences.

Strong and very needed work now!

Many of these contracts are done on the subconscious level.

October 8th:

Empowerment & Sovereignty:

Heal imbalanced used of power & stop giving power away to Gov. and events outside you. Regain energy lost in the chaos of the last years events.

November 5th:

Grounding & Being in the Now.

Due to traumas, stress and many events, most peoples souls are not fully present in their bodies. It is important to be fully present & connected to feel strong in lives situations When you are not present, other, disturbing energy can get into your field.

December 2nd:

Loss and Separation

Healing of traumas from sudden loss and separation from loved ones like family and soul family. Some of us have experienced this in various ways in lives: loss from the time of Lemuria, Atlantis and in wars.  These traumas are being re-triggered in today\s world with distancing and restrictions.

Super important to clear & heal these deep memories in the soul.

End of the year session!

Dec. 30th

Release stressful experiences from 2021 and meet the New Year Fresh! sETTING INTENTIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR

2022: Dates coming

Loneliness & not feeling home. Many are not feeling home in this world. reasons are many, we work on clearing and healing this so your journey here is easier.

We also work on healing the separation from source that happened in earlier existences. and healing this helps us return to our divine fullness of incarnation

Price: 30$ per session

 or 125 $ for all

Ready & feel the pull?

Recommend to join in on as many sessions as possible.

Register for a group session by emailing:

I am also arranging group sessions on request.

Please make sure you can be alone and relaxed and please be on time!
Group healing work is powerful & effective!

We work through common themes that many people benefit from .

please register ahead of time!

~Full Confidentiality

and effective and powerful way to heal!


Give yourself the gift to heal as much as possible and let go of old baggage to move forward free, light, empowered and in deep contact with your soul.


These are:….

strong sessions that

helps you release baggage…

so your light can shine  brighter !  

We work on healing various themes:

Human, Collective old belief patterns…….








In the sessions, Angel Amita leads you though a powerful & gentle healing session of various important themes and patterns. Angel Amita has may years experience offering healing. She has also offered group healing in her retreats and online.

Easily & quickly let go of old baggage and karmic patterns!

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